Top 5 Reasons Owning a Vacation Home is Better Than Buying Timeshare

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Many people who own a vacation home, before they made their purchase, they first had to make a different decision: whether to buy a vacation home or a timeshare. It makes sense because both options are a way of “owning” your vacations far into the future.  However, a vacation home costs more than buying into a timeshare. So the question really boils down to this: Do you get enough value with a vacation home to justify the higher cost?

Clearly, millions of happy vacation owners from around the world felt the answer to that question was an enthusiastic YES!

Why? Here are the top 5 reasons that owning a vacation home is better than purchasing timeshare:

  1. In the long run, the cost difference may not be as much as you think.
    While most families who own a vacation home stay in it as often as they can, many of them also rent it out when they’re not using it. And while you could manage the rental yourself, there are plenty of management firms that take care of marketing the property and providing service to renters, so you don’t have to. In the Orlando area, especially around Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Orlando, vacation rentals are in high demand, so you can charge a higher rent than in other places and you shouldn’t have any trouble finding renters.
  2. A vacation home is more likely to appreciate in value.
    As long as the housing market is trending upward, the value of your vacation home should, too. That means that, while you’re enjoying it and renting it out to other families, the equity you have in the home should continue to grow. Timeshare, on the other hand, tends to do the opposite. You don’ t have to look very hard to find a timeshare owner who is trying to get rid of it. And when they do, they typically have to take a lot less than what they originally paid.
  3. Privacy. Privacy. Privacy!
    In some ways, staying at most timeshare resorts is like staying at a hotel. You hope that the people on the other side of the wall in your bedroom won’t be up partying or playing loud music late into the night. As long as it’s not a condo or townhouse, a vacation home is a standalone structure that sits on its own property. And if there’s a pool, you have it all to yourself and you don’t have to share it with a bunch of other guests.
  4. Exchange programs make it possible for you to travel anywhere you want.
    It used to be that you had to buy a timeshare to enjoy that kind of flexibility. Not anymore. There are now quite a few exchange programs that allow homeowners, including those who own vacation homes, to exchange their homes with people all over the world. Some of the more popular exchanges include Intervac and Love Home Swap. Plus, vacation homes in Central Florida are in high demand, so you should be able to find a good value for your exchange.
  5. Your vacation home will always be available when you want it.
    Often, timeshare owners get frustrated because they can’t find an available unit when and where they want to travel, especially if they’re trying to book a reservation only a few months ahead at a popular location. When you own a vacation home, you’re in control. So even if you rent it out, you can block out the dates you want to keep open for your personal use and know that it will be there for you when you’re ready to travel.

One of the best things about buying a vacation home is that you can decorate it according to your tastes. You get to make all the decisions when it comes to paint colors, carpet, kitchen appliances, and furniture. Every painting or wall hanging, every table accessory, and every window covering is your call. So you can have fun with it and make your vacation paradise a reflection of who you are.

And if you need help figuring out your decorating options, we’ll be happy to help. Just visit our Contact Page or give us a call at (863) 424-8476 and let’s chat!

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