Why It Makes Sense to Use a Professional Interior Decorator For Your Vacation Home

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When you purchase a vacation home, whether you plan to use it for yourself or rent it out to guests, one thing is certain: Someone is going to be staying there on vacation. That means that how you decorate it will usually be different compared to how you decorated your primary residence.

Vacations are an escape from reality. People want to have fun, relax and make lifelong memories. How you decorate your vacation home should reflect those feelings. For many people, once they purchase a vacation home, the next question is how to turn that beautiful house into an inviting, comfortable space, both for themselves and their rental guests. Often, the next step is to go shopping and start picking out furniture, drapes, accessories, kitchen utensils and appliances. They end up spending a lot of money, usually without a real plan or theme for the home.

Sometimes, it works…. Often, though, the homeowner is left feeling like some rooms don’t really “work.” Maybe they bought a beautiful (and expensive!) leather sofa for the living room, and a contemporary-style table for the dining area only a few feet away. Individually, they look fine. But side by side, they just don’t complement each other.

How a home is decorated has a huge impact on how it feels to stay there. And for renters especially, it’s important to remember that many of them will be subconsciously comparing the experience to past experiences at hotels and resorts, which are designed and decorated as a place where the guest can relax. There’s very little clutter, for example, at a resort condo or suite and all of the furniture and accessories are tasteful and complement the overall “look.”

Creating memories that last a lifetime

If you think about it, every rental guest you host at your vacation home takes a small piece of it with them when they leave. Not literally, but with the memories they create and the photos they take. Your home is the backdrop for all those photos, and it makes a difference. When people are “wowed” by your home, it makes their whole experience more memorable, which means they will be proud to talk about their vacation, show off those photos, and refer you to friends.

In addition to the environment a professional interior decorator can create, your décor also communicates something very important to people. It tells your guests that you are proud of your vacation home and that you’ve put a lot of thought and energy into taking care of it. And while it may be tempting to think that simply cleaning it thoroughly between guests is good enough, that’s expected as a basic standard.

What we do as Professional Interior Decorators

At SBA Interior Design, we work with vacation homeowners throughout Central Florida, helping each of them create a warm, welcoming space that reflects their tastes. Because we have many years of experience, we have seen almost every style of home – large and small, standalone homes and condos – and worked with a wide variety of creative ideas and tastes. So we are able to look at your home objectively, understand quickly what you’re looking for, and provide a solution you’ll be happy with.

Also, because we have extensive resources available to us, we can probably show you a lot more options than you’d be able to find on your own. Plus, these long-standing relationships mean we can get better pricing than the standard retail costs you see at a furniture store or even online.

For more information about how we can help you transform your vacation home into a beautiful, welcoming place you and your guests can truly enjoy, go to our Contact page and request more information. Or, give us a call at 863-424-8476 and let us know how we can help!

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