Turnkey Solutions Take the Stress Out of Interior Decorating

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Closing on a new vacation home in Orlando is an exciting time, imagining all of the great vacations you and your family will have, as well as the added income you’ll get by renting it to other families. Then comes that moment when you open the front door and step inside and your new vacation home is … completely empty.

As with any new home, the first thing it needs is furniture and accessories to make the new home feel like it’s truly yours. Unlike your primary home, though, you probably don’t have a house full of furniture in a storage unit or a moving van just waiting to be unloaded and placed throughout the house.

For many new vacation homeowners, the thought of decorating an entire home – living and dining rooms, family rooms, bedrooms, the kitchen and all the bathrooms – may seem like an overwhelming amount of work. And if you simply go to two or three big-chain furniture stores, the experience probably will be overwhelming. Plus, once you get it delivered and you’ve lived with it for a few weeks, there’s always a chance you won’t like the way it all works together… or doesn’t work together.

That’s where we come in at SBA Interior Design. While we do a lot of custom design work, we also have a wide range of turnkey package collections that include items selected to complement each other perfectly. These packages have been professionally designed in advance by our highly experienced designers, taking the stress out of having your vacation home tastefully and attractively decorated.

Benefits of a turnkey package

The main reason to consider a turnkey design from our collection is that it’s easier on you. With any interior design project, there are a lot of pieces, from chairs and sofas to dining room sets, drapes, wall art, kitchenware and decorative accessories in the kitchen and bathrooms. So it’s not uncommon to discover after a few weeks that the sofa you loved as a display model in a showroom just doesn’t work very well with the entertainment center you purchased, or the artwork on the walls.

That’s why, instead of agonizing over all those decisions, consider one of our turnkey design solutions. We’ve done all the work already to make sure every piece is part of a cohesive theme.

Plus, when we design our turnkey packages, we make sure we always offer solutions within a range of budgets, and that includes offering packages for a single room in your new vacation home, or for the whole house. By offering this type of flexibility, we provide tremendous value in terms of quality and workmanship, along with beauty and attractiveness in the design.

What separates us from our competitors

While some national furniture chains may offer room packages, at SBA Interior Design, we source our products from multiple manufacturers, so we know which ones offer the highest quality depending on the product. That means we can combine the highest quality items from each manufacturer for our turnkey packages. Plus, we have many years of experience, so we’ve seen just about every interior design challenge there is and already come up with solutions that work.

Feel free to call us at 863-424-8476 and we’ll be happy to give you more information about our innovative turnkey solutions and how they can make your vacation home more beautiful and your life a little easier. Or, reach out to us via our Contact page and we’ll be happy to respond quickly to any questions you may have.

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