Traveling to Orlando With A Large Family? Try Renting a Luxury Vacation Home!

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For families from around the world, an Orlando vacation is a dream come true that they start planning for years in advance. Days filled with sunshine, the proximity to beautiful beaches, and the fun you can have at Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando – and others – draw tens of millions of visitors to Central Florida every year.

For large families, however, being on vacation can be a challenge, mainly because so many vacationing families cram themselves into small hotel rooms. That means everyone is sleeping in the same room, sometimes sleeping two or three kids in one bed. Plus, just taking a family of four or five (or more!) out for three meals a day can get really expensive!

That’s why a lot of families, especially larger ones, are choosing to rent a luxury vacation home – whether it’s a house, condo or villa – when they travel to Orlando. For starters, there’s a lot more room to stretch out and relax. Even if you have a family of six or seven, you have room to breathe in a vacation home. It means you don’t all have to do the same thing at the same time – or watch the same program on TV! You can put the little ones to bed at their normal bedtime and stay up as late as you want because you won’t be disturbing them.

Another big advantage to renting a spacious vacation home is that you’ll have at least two or three separate bedrooms. When everyone has their own bedroom, even if some of the kids have to share a room, it’s easier for everyone to relax. After a long day at the theme parks or the beach, you might want to take it easy and enjoy some peace and quiet, while others may still have energy and want to play a board game or hang out and talk. You can simply retire to your room and chill out. Plus, having separate bedrooms gives you a little privacy, which you can’t have when everyone’s in the same motel room.

Finally, one of the best things about staying in a fully appointed vacation home is having a kitchen. If you have a family of five and you’re on vacation for a week, even if you try to do it as cheaply as possible, eating out for three meals a day can cost as much as $1,400 (5 people x $40 per day x 7 days = $1,400). When you rent a vacation home, however, you can go buy all the groceries you need for the week on your first day and be set for the week. In fact, you could still take the family out for a couple of meals and come out way ahead. (You are on vacation, after all!)

Renting a luxury vacation home or villa is the perfect solution for large families who want to travel to the Orlando area. In fact, there’s so much to do in Central Florida, many families return to the area year after year because you couldn’t possibly fit it all into a single week. Still, vacations are also a time to relax and re-charge your batteries, and the only way to do that is to work in some down time. That’s a lot easier when you actually enjoy the place you’re staying for the week, which is much easier in a beautiful luxury vacation villa.

At SBA Interior Design, we work with vacation rental owners throughout Central Florida to help them turn their homes into your dream vacation home, so we know what a great experience it is for vacationing families. Plus, the rates on many vacation homes are very reasonably priced, so you can find a lot of value! We definitely recommend renting a vacation home for your next Orlando adventure!

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